About Us

We, at Trimtex, are cheering you on.  When you've pushed yourself to the very limit that you've deemed possible and you are ready to embark on that 54 km of cross country mountain ski.  When you've broken the barrier of that 30km line in your marathon and you're feeling those muscles burning.  When you see the summit of Rosinbakken in the Birkebeiner race and you know that mind over matter is required...  this is where we come in with our clothing range!  This is that defining moment, we are your addtional driving force to that finish line because we believe in you – we know you can make it and we know we can help you make the difference!

We understand that Nordic training, with their race conditions, are demanding and somewhat taxing.  This is why our selection of clothing is made, tried and tested here on site.  By creating leading technical clothing with outstanding quality and unique designs we can give you an unbeatable service in an ever evolving marketplace.  We are constantly adapting, always working to give you something that is timeless and that gives that little extra in each and every stage of the performance.

When it's your turn to take the limelight, it's our obligation to deliver.  We have no limits and we make no compromises, we respect you!  We are Trimtex.



Høydepunkter gjennom 40 år.
1976 | 
Founded by entrepreneur Harald Augland in his garage in Lillesand, but quickly moved over to leased premises. Business concept was production of training suits in their own club colors
1978 | Spotted an own niche in special clothing to the orientation market, and the first o- suit in specially developed material was made. Sales to the Swedish market exploded.
1979 | Delivered bike clothing for the first time. It started with tanned goatskin as padding and Kristiansand Cykleklubb as a customer.
1980 | Built its own premises on Sekkebekksletta in Lillesand. 10 employees; 8 in production and 2 in sales/administration 
1981 | Supplier to eight national team during the World Cup in orientation in Thun, Switzerland. Half of the production was exported all over the country.
1985 | Began with the production of ski suits.
1990 | Signed our first million agreement with Vital.
1991 | The Trainer suit was developed to Norwegian Biathlon Association during the Olympics in Albertville, 1992
1992 | Trimtex was selected as a supplier to the Norwegian Biathlon Association during the Olympics in Albertville.
1994 | Passing 10 mill NOK in revenue.


1997 | Starting up production in Estonia, and establishes a separate division in Sweden.
1998 | Generational change in Trimtex. Tor Eivind Augland and Ole Kristian Augland enters ownership.
2006 | Trimtex wagering into the bike market for the first time, and comes with own bike collection. | Adapts laser printing technology for the first time .
2008 | Establishes Trimtex Baltic as a separate company. The last product is produced in Norway, the production is moved to Pärnu in Estonia.
2011 | Passing 50 mill NOK in revenue. | Establishes Trimtex Finland. | Trimtex establishes sales office in Singapore. | Trimtex comes with triathlon collection and wagering for the first time in the triathlon market.
2012 | Trimtex becomes the main supplier of exercise clothing for the Norwegian Defense Forces.
2013 | Passing 100 mill NOK in revenue.
2014 | Trimtex starts cooperation with NTNU in Trondheim. | Trimtex Denmark established.
2015 | Trimtex builds its new headquarters at Sekkebekksletta in Lillesand. | Trimtex establishes sales office in Trondheim.
2016 | Trimtex celebrating its 40th year since inception - the journey has just begun. | Re-launch of trimtex.no