Trimtex collection

  • A cool cap that can be used during your workout sessions or your leisure time. The cap can be adjusted in the back and is suitable for girls, boys, women and men.
    € 19,00
  • These colorful tote bags are made with reused materials from previous collections and are a new addition to our Re:Mind collection.The practical bags can be used for both training clothes and as an everyday shopping bag, becoming a firm favorite in everyday life. The tote bag is 35x40 cm, and it has a practical inner pocket on one side.

    Our Re:Mind products focus on reusing materials and reducing waste in our production.

    Why 1976? This is the year Trimtex was established.

    € 15,00
  • You'll quickly find yourself taking this great piece of gear everywhere. The Neck is a great piece of clothing that can be used as a scarf, a hat or a headband, depending on what you need at the time. It is made of a functional fibre which is breathable and quick-drying, which means it is highly suitable for training, but it is great outside of training, too.
    € 13,00

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