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  • The women's Trainer jacket is a classic training jacket and a customer favourite. This is a light and versatile jacket with nice stretch panels at the sides and under the arms, which make the jacket flexible and comfortable to wear, even during larger movements. This outer layer jacket is wind and water-resistant, and has vents on the back which ensure good air circulation when stepping up the activity level. This makes the jacket suitable for activities such as running, skiing and shorter hikes. The jacket has elastic at the hem and one-handed adjustment that makes it easy to get a customised fit. It also has two zip pockets, chin protection, a soft lining in the collar and a storm flap that prevents the wind from getting in through the zip. The jacket also has cuffs with thumb holes, and reflective details for improved visibility. The Trainer Jacket has matching pants available in both male and female models, and is the most popular jacket for businesses, clubs and teams.
    € 99,00
  • The women's Instinct running jacket is the elite model within our running jackets and is a jacket you are not going to want to switch. The running jacket is based on the bestselling Element training jacket, but has a slightly closer fit through the sleeves for the best possible movement, but with the same good stretch and mobility. The training jacket features windproof and water-resistant lightweight fabrics at the front and in the sleeves for optimal protection in bad and cold weather, and the jacket is thus suitable for use throughout a good deal of the year. Good ventilation is important for getting rid of sweat and for this reason the running jacket is equipped with laser-cut holes in strategically-placed zones such as the back and under the arms. The Instinct running jacket has cuffs with holes for your thumbs to ensure that your fingers and wrists can stay warm, two practical zip pockets and one-handed adjustment at the bottom of the jacket for a customised fit. The jacket has many reflective details that help to improve visibility in the dark. This is a running jacket for those who refuse to be stopped by the weather!
    € 169,00
  • The women's Element training jacket is a training jacket for those who love to exercise. This is a light, fitted running jacket with a slim fit, which allows freedom of movement in the workout. The jacket is made from a soft soft shell fabric that is stretchy and provides an excellent range of movement and fit. It can be used as both a running jacket and a ski jacket, and has a large ventilation panel on the back and under the arms that provides good ventilation during intense exercise. The fabric is wind and water-resistant and the jacket is fine for use in inclement weather. The soft shell jacket has lots of reflective particles printed into the fabric on the rear of the jacket as well as other reflective details, giving improved visibility in the dark. The training jacket has two zip pockets, one-handed adjustment at the bottom of the jacket for a customised fit, a storm flap to protect against wind, chin protection, soft lining in the collar and cuffs with thumb holes. This is a superb autumn and winter jacket for running and skiing, but it can also be used year-round for running and walks in woods and fields. The jacket was test winner in the magazine SKIsport in 2015.
    € 139,00
  • The women's Performance training jacket is a water-resistant and windproof outer layer jacket made in Microfiber Air, which is a thin microfibre fabric that is lightweight and breathable. The training jacket has a good fit which provides good freedom of movement, and it is suitable for a variety of different activities. There is a small pocket at the rear of the jacket which can be handy for storing small things like a key and money. There are also two zip pockets at the front, reflective details, a storm flap, a chin guard and one-handed adjustment at the waist. The Performance Training Jacket also has a matching pair of pants, and is a jacket suitable for clubs, teams and companies that want a training uniform or promotional clothing.
    € 79,00
  • The women's Element running pants are for those who are active and want running pants with a slim fit. The pants have a fitted shape, so they have a slimmer fit that follows your movements during exercise. This bestseller is made from a lightweight and stretchy fabric which is windproof and highly water-resistant at the front. The back of the pants is made in a stretchy and breathable fabric that means the pants naturally follow your movements during training, even dramatic movements. This makes the pants highly suitable for both running and skiing. In addition to the breathable fabric at the back, the pants also have a mesh lining on the thigh and ventilation below the knee that provide good ventilation during intense exercise. The pants have side zips that reach up to the thigh, that make it easy to put the pants on and take them off again over ski shoes or other clothing. The pants also have an elastic waistband with drawstring, a right zip pocket and reflective details. On extra cold days, we recommend wearing a wool or polyester base layer under the pants, with wool being ideal for less intense activity.
    € 88,00
  • The women's Trainer vest is a lightweight and versatile training vest with a fitted shape and nice stretch panels on the sides which make the gilet flexible and comfortable to wear. This is the perfect item of clothing for when it is too warm for a jacket, but too cold to just wear a shirt. The vest is wind and water-resistant, has vents on the back which ensure good air circulation at the back when stepping up the activity level, and is suitable for various types of exercise. The Trainer vest has an one-handed adjustment that makes it easy to get a customised fit. It also has two zip pockets, chin protection, a soft lining in the collar, a storm flap that prevents the wind from getting in through the zip, and reflective details for improved visibility.
    € 79,00
  • We are extremely proud to present one of the world’s absolutely fastest cycling jerseys! The women’s Aero cycling jersey is the result of many years of research and wind tunnel testing with researchers from NTNU. We have tested countless of fabrics in order to find a combination that creates perfect aerodynamics. The Aero cycling jersey has a unique, snug fit, nice large ventilating panels under the arms, and an incredibly comfortable and snug-fitting fabric with golf ball structure covering the shoulders. The pockets on the back also have a special new design to minimise wind resistance. This jersey will be worn in the biggest races within and outside Norway next season by our riders in Team Sparebanken Sør! Tests performed in a wind tunnel have shown ground-breaking results. Compared to our previous best model, the Pro Cycling Jersey, which is another very good jersey, you save 28 seconds* per hour of cycling. Thor Hushovd participated in the product testing and says himself: "I never thought a cycling suit could be the difference between first place and a decent top 10 placing. But when I look at the results of the research and how much faster the Aero cycling collection is compared to 'regular' cycling suits, I am very impressed. If I were to cycle in a road time trial today, this is the suit I would use and I am convinced that it would make me faster!" Read more about the ground-breaking results here: http://blog.trimtex.no/2016/07/20/raskeste-drakten-i-feltet/ *The calculations from the wind tunnel tests used a test subject with a height of 183 cm, weighing 70 kg, pedalling an average of 374 W in one hour’s velodrome cycling, at an average speed of 50 km/h.
    € 189,00
  • We have taken the best elements of 3 different shirts and created a brand new edition of our bestseller, the Elite cycling shirt. It's made from a light, breathable fabric consisting of 90% recycled polyester. The cycling shirt has a full-length, concealed zipper in the front and three back pockets for extra clothes or provisions. One pocket is zippered. As with all our cycling products, aerodynamics take centre stage. This is why the shirt is body-hugging and fitted, yet sufficiently stretchy to fit most cyclists.
    € 75,00
  • The Pro cycling shirt is extremely aerodynamic and the elite model in the collection. This is a very fast shirt with an extremely snug fit that is perfect for racing or intensive training sessions where the seconds count. It has a slim and very close fit, but the materials are stretchy and breathable, so the shirt feels light and comfortable on the body. There is a very thin and breathable material on the shoulders which ensures good ventilation and moisture transfer, and there are large ventilating panels on the back and the sides. All these details combine to produce a shirt with minimal air resistance and excellent freedom of movement. There is a full-length zip on the front of the shirt and silicone at the hemline to prevent it from riding up during activity. Three rear pockets with space for food, spare gear and extra clothing for the ride. The cycling shirt is recommended by world champion Thor Hushovd. In other words, it has been quality tested by the elite, and we think that you, like our professional riders, will love this technical and aerodynamic cycling shirt! The shirt has also been tested at NTNU and the centre for aerodynamics, with extremely good results.
    € 109,00
  • The women's Elite Thermo cycling jersey is the perfect jersey for those who enjoy outdoor cycling year-round. This is one of Thor Hushovd's favourites, and with good reason. It is an insulated cycling jersey with a brushed inner surface that means the jersey feels comfortable and warming on the body. The cycling jersey has a close fit and the stretchy material ensures good mobility. The fabric is also breathable, which is important when sweating as it prevents excessive cooling. The jersey has three handy pockets on the back, a dropped hem at the rear and elastic at the bottom.
    € 99,00
  • The Elite Rainpack cycling jacket is for chilly rainy and windy days that is as light as a feather. The cycling jacket has an aerodynamic fit that prevents it from flapping in the wind, and it is suitable for both men and women. The rain jacket's low weight and thin fabric mean that it can easily be stowed in your pocket and used as spare clothing in the back of your cycling jersey on days with changeable weather. The jacket is windproof and waterproof, with a waterproof zip and taped seams. It also has good ventilating properties, as well as laser-cut holes under the arms that effectively remove excess heat. The cycling jacket has a handy zip pocket on the back, and is equipped with plenty of reflectors on the front and back which provide increased visibility in the dark.
    € 109,00
  • The women's Advance Running Jacket is a training jacket for those who love to run. The jacket has a slim, snug fit with stretch panels under the arms and on the sides. This means that the running jacket naturally follows running movements and provides a fantastic training experience. It is also wind and water-resistant and is suitable for running in spring and autumn, but can also be used on cold summer evenings. The training jacket has ventilation panels on the back and under the arms, which mean the product ventilates well. In addition, the jacket has cuffs with thumb holes, one-handed adjustment at the bottom, two zip pockets, a chin guard, a storm flap that protects against the wind and reflective details on the front and back.
    € 109,00
  • Refleks Winter Tights for women. Made of durable and elasticated fibres, these tights are fully lined in a soft fleece, giving the ultimate in warmth and comfort. In addition, it's reflective panels and lower leg zippers make them the perfect running accessory for the colder times of the year.
    € 99,00
  • Durable o-socks which can withstand the toughest sporting activities. These enduring orienteering socks have a dual front and are produced in a functional, strong and durable fabric. They give you a tight and elasticated fit, are unisex and ideal for both kids and adults.
    € 21,00
  • The Trainer Lined Pants are a lined and warmer version of the customer favourite, the Trainer Pants. The outer layer pants have technical mesh lining on the inside that is brushed, and this makes them soft, comfortable and warm pants for use in slightly colder periods, which makes them perfect for skiing. These are versatile ski pants or training pants with a wind and water-resistant fabric at the front and a breathable and stretchy fabric at the back that makes the pants flexible and comfortable to wear, even during larger movements. As well as the breathable fabric at the back, the pants also have ventilation below the knee, as well as fitted knees. These features make the training pants suitable for a slightly higher activity level, such as running, skiing and other outdoor exercise. The pants have zips that go up to the upper thigh, which makes it easy to put them on and take them off over shoes and other clothing. The pants also have an elastic waistband with a drawstring and one-handed adjustment, a zip pocket on the right side and reflective details for improved visibility. If you want a versatile pair of training pants that allows you to exercise outside in slightly darker and colder periods, this is a very good and durable pair. Don't let the weather keep you indoors!
    € 90,00
  • Elite Thermo pants with suspenders for men. A great pair of pants for those who are not limited by the change of seasons. These lined bike pants have an ergonomic fit with a wind resistant and water repellent front and ventilation fibres at the rear. Additionally, they are fully equipped with front and rear reflector detail for that extra night time safety.
    € 139,00
  • Drinking belt for all activities and all kinds of sports. The drinking belt is made of an insulating material that ensures cold drinks in summer and hot drinks in winter. Brilliant for walking, running, skiing, and roller skiing trips.
    € 53,00
  • The 3/4 length orienteering tights are especially developed for men who love orienteering running and off-road running. The tights are developed from a very strong-wearing fabric. Combined with the enforced seams, this makes Extreme orienteering tights a favourite for those who enjoy running cross-country. The orienteering tights have a comfortable ergonomic fit and are highly flexible. The running tights have flexible mesh panels behind the knees in order to increase ventilation. The orienteering tights have a practical zippered pocket and a drawstring waist.
    € 56,00
  • The Elite Cycling Gloves are comfortable cycling gloves with a good fit. There is an extra pressure point protection on the inside of the glove, made in a thin fabric to ensure a good grip. The outside of the glove is made of stretchy Lycra, which gives the cycling gloves optimal comfort and a very good fit. The Elite Cycling Gloves are suitable for girls, boys, men and women.
    € 29,00
  • A lightweight and airy orienteering shirt for women and men with long sleeves. The o-shirt has good durability, ventilation and low weight. Perfect for beginners.
    € 49,00
  • The women's Elite Lightshell cycling RS-jacket is an excellent jacket for those who cycle year-round. This is a 2-in-1 jacket/vest - the sleeves of the cycling jacket can easily be removed with the help of the zip, converting the jacket into a vest (RS = removable sleeves). This is extremely convenient when cycling in unstable and changing weather conditions. The cycling jacket has a windproof and water-resistant Lightshell material at the front and on the back, while the sides consist of stretch panels for mobility. The Elite Lightshell RS Jacket is very comfortable to wear and ventilates well. The jacket has an ergonomic fit and is adapted to the seated position you have when in the saddle. It has three handy pockets on the back, reflective details, a dropped hem to the rear and elastic at the bottom. You get a lot for your money when you choose this jacket.
    € 169,00
  • This Aviator ski jacket is our top model for cross-country skiing, and is made for those with particularly high demands for performance clothing. For all high intensity activities, it is very important that a jacket ventilates well to prevent hypothermia. To enable this, the ski jacket is developed in a breathable fabric with laser cut ventilation holes in larger parts at the rear and is also both wind resistant and water repellent. It's ideal for use in the toughest of weather conditions and the perfect design for cross-country skiing, but it can also be used as an general jacket to and from training, or for walks or hiking. The Aviator ski jacket is elasticated and flexible and has an ergonomic fit and offers several reflective details so you can easily be seen in the winter darkness.
    € 219,00
  • The Ambition Race Shirt is a good and affordable unisex cross-country shirt. The shirt is made of Lycra, which is a quick-drying, breathable and stretch material that provides freedom of movement and comfort. The race shirt is fitted and sits snugly and comfortably on your skin. This is a classic cross-country shirt with a zip at the front and a silicone band at the bottom so that the shirt sits well without riding up. The Ambition Race Shirt is suitable for both training and competitions, and for both longer and shorter skiing sessions.
    € 79,00
  • The women's Advance running pants are for those who love to run, but who do not want to use tights. The running pants are light and airy and follow your movements so that you get the ultimate running experience. The pants are fitted and slim, with fitted knees, and they are stretchy at the back, which means they are flexible and have a good range of movement, even with large movements. The front is wind and water-resistant, but has ventilation below the knee. This ventilation, along with the breathable stretch fabric at the back, makes the pants highly suitable for high intensity training. The Advance running pants have a drawstring and elastic waistband as well as a zip from the mid-calf down to the ankle. The running pants are technical, with good ventilation and lightweight fabrics, and are equipped with reflectors to ensure safe training in the dark.
    € 89,00

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