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Premium cycling bib shorts aimed to be as aerodynamic as it gets to make break aways last by using wind tunnel tested fabrics for speed.

Premium cycling bib shorts aimed to be as aerodynamic as it gets to make break aways last by using wind tunnel tested fabrics for speed.

With the men’s Aero cycling bib shorts we would like to welcome you to the future and the world of aerodynamics. Together with researchers at NTNU we have developed world-leading bib shorts with ground-breaking technology and aerodynamics. Multiple years of research have led to the optimal combination of fabrics and surface structures that breaks all records when it comes to air resistance. These fabrics are much faster than skin and, therefore, we added as much length as possible on the thighs without interfering with the knee movement. A new cuff with an updated silicone grip ensures great fit and snugs around the thigh very comfortable. Details matter, we have continuously developed further the bibs of the shorts and are confident that our updates with a softer and clean-cut fabrics is the best solution as of today.

The shorts have world-leading and newly developed high-end padding from Elastic Interface, which ensures extreme comfort and protection in the saddle. When tested against the Pro cycling bib shorts, which are another extremely good and fast pair of cycling bib shorts, you save 16 seconds*, or 5 whole watts* per hour of cycling by riding in the Aero bib shorts. This quickly adds up to many seconds and watts saved during longer competitions/rides. Thor Hushovd, participated in the product testing of the Aero collection. He says the following: “I never thought a cycling kit could make the difference between first place and a decent top 10 placement. But when I look at the results of the research and how much faster the Aero cycling collection is compared to ‘regular’ cycling kit, I’m extremely impressed. If I were to cycle in a road time trial today, this is the kit I would use, and I’m convinced that it would make me faster!”

*The calculations from the wind tunnel tests used a test subject with a height of 183 cm, weighing 70 kg, pedaling an average of 374 W in one hour’s velodrome cycling, at an average speed of 50 km/h.

This product comes with an extremely tight fit. It is made to fit as tight as possible on the body and the fit is often referred to as “second skin”. You should consider going up one size if you are in doubt or your measurements are in-between sizes. 

Read about the thest results from NTNU here